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F. Schütz schrieb am Sa, 23.11.2013:
Ich hoffe das die Hakoah an die großen alten Zeiten wieder irgendwann anknüpfen kann. Erinnert sei an die Tischtennisweltmeister Bergmann,
Liebster, Kohn, und Flußmann, erinnert sei an die Gewichtheber Fein und Haas,erinnert sei an die Fechter Herschman, Bogen und Preiss und viele viele andere. Hakoah hat viele Europameister, Weltmeister und Olympiasieger hervorgebracht, sie alle sollten ansporn für die Zukunft sein.
In diesen Sinne der Hakoah alles Gute
und viele grüße aus Deutschland
Ihr F.Schütz /Statistiker

Carina schrieb am Do, 21.02.2013:
Wow, sehr gut. Freut mich, dass es einen Parkplatz gibt! Danke

Mark schrieb am Mi, 20.02.2013:
Guten Abend! Ich und andere Arbeitskollegen machen jeden Sonntag ein Fullcourt Baskettballturnier....nun bin ich auf ihre seite gestossen und würde gern fragen ob man die halle an sonntagen mieten kann und wieviel uns das kosten würde?

lg Mark
Antwort von HAKOAH:
Am Wochenende haben wir noch einige freie Kapazitäten. Infos unter 01 726 46 98 - 0

S.C.HAKOAH schrieb am Mi, 20.02.2013:
wir arbeiten bereits an einer Lösung dazu!

Andi schrieb am Mo, 18.02.2013:
Wie kann man eine Internetseite machen, wo die obere Hälfte ständig mit dem Sportclub Banner verstellt ist? Da könnte man eine besser Lösung finden ...

S.C.HAKOAH schrieb am Fr, 15.02.2013:
Ein großer Parkplatz steht für Kundinnen und Kunden kostenlos zur Verfügung!

Carina schrieb am Fr, 15.02.2013:
Hallo! Gibt es einen Parkplatz beim Fitnesscenter? Danke

Therese schrieb am Fr, 15.02.2013:
Bin durch das Groupon Angebot auf Ihre Seite gestoßen. Sieht alles ganz toll aus, wollte Sie aber freundlich darauf hinweisen, dass die Homepage sehr mühsam zu lesen ist. Der obere Teil mit Logo usw. ist starr, auch wenn man auf den Seiten hinunter scrollt. Da dieser aber so groß ist, ist es vor allem auf einem Netbook unangenehm Ihre Seite zu lesen. Der Platz um Informationen zu lesen, ist nämlich kleiner als der fixe Banner. Sehr schade, dadurch verlieren die Fotos natürlich auch an Wirkung.

Mark schrieb am Mi, 26.12.2012:
Dear All,My name is John Myers and as one of the founders of Maccabi Futsal I am eeemxrtly embarrassed by the attention and correspondence that this article has caused.I want to apologise to the FFA, Steve Knight, Maccabi and all of you for what was essentially an error on my part in releasing information ahead of shedule as well as for the concommitant stream of comments.Our club was founded by players with a passion for Futsal rather than politics and, as such, we have deliberately avoided fuelling political debates on what is , and should remain, an amazing website dedicated to the sport that we are all so passionate about.We prefer to let our Futsal do the talking and in this respect we realise that, along with Futsal on a Macrocosmic level in this country, we have so much further to travel on our futsal journey and so much more to learn. We do realise that silence can sometimes breed confusion, so in the interests of clarification;1. We are eeemxrtly proud of the fact that we have players from many cultures and religions playing at our club. 2. We categorically do not have a policy of discrimination against any race or religion, we never have had such a policy and would never endorse such a policy. 3. Sport should be about bringing people from different backgrounds together and we welcome any available opportunities to further this ambition. 4. From time to time the overall Maccabi sporting community can get quite enthused about some of our accomplishments. These articles sometimes find their way on to websites like futsal4all. While these articles may appear as a chest beating exercise on our part, please know that the articles are intended for a small local community and no offence or arrogance is ever intended. The community is proud of our achievements from a standing start and we love their enthusiasm.5. Daniel Fulton is an unbelievable talent and a true Maccabi Futsaler. Fultz was an integral member of our Men's all age side through two successful Super League seasons (The loss in the Grand final to the Breakers still hurts ;-) , A New Zealand National League and an F League (and in my case a tour to Tahiti). His numerous MVP awards are a testament to his ability and his popularity amongst the men's team speaks volumes about his personality. We trust and hope that Daniel achieves his goal of playing for Australia but I do need to stress that we play no part in the selection of the Australian Futsal team.6. Steve Knight is the coach of the Maccabi u12 and U14 boys teams and the MAccabi Men's all age teams. He coaches the boys for the love of the game and the commitment he receives from the players and the parents of the players he coaches. Those of you who have played for him will know that he is a tough, uncompromising, eeemxrtly talented coach who above all else, Loves the game. He doesn't play favourites, and brings his passion and integrity to every game and training session. More than anything else, Knighty coaches to win.7. We are getting really close to the tournament in question and an Australian squad has yet to be confirmed. If a squad is selected and confirmed it would be a travesty if this article and the related comments forced true Futsal afficionado's to overlook the effort, commitment and talent of the players listed above (or any of the players selected in the squad for that matter). 8. It would be great if the Maccabi Men's team could play in the premier league or if the FNSW Men's first Division was made up of the strongest men's teams in NSW (and Maccabi earned the right to play in it) . Unfortunately (and fortunately), the Super League is a club competition and our junior boys and girls teams are still findng their way in Super League. While we are improving as a club year on year , we do still suffer the odd drubbing at the hands of more experienced clubs with more evenly distributed talent amongst the various age groups. To the other Super League Clubs we thank you for your patience and good humour when this happens and we thank our players for showing the character to come back the next week and try again!9. Internet Forums tend to provide great cover for snipers. My email address is . If you wish to discuss the contents of this message or to contact me with anything CONSTRUCTIVE please feel free to do so. The only proviso is that any correspondence be about Futsal and taking the game forward in this country. 10. Hugs and peace to all

Gerard Helsma schrieb am So, 23.12.2012:

Ich bin fussbalhistoricus und bin sehr interesseer an der fussbal-Clun SC Hakoa. Ich bin im besitz einer medaille des SC Hakoah 1930 dateert.
Meine frage ist......sie mir sagen konnen welche spieler im jahr 1930 spielte in der erste manschaft des SC Hakoah. (seizoen1930/1931).
Ich hoffe,ir konnt mir helfen.
Gerard Helsma

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